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Order Information

Basic Sheet Cakes and Gourmet Cakes are to be ordered 1 week in advance.

Custom Design Cakes are to be ordered at least 2 weeks in advance.

Call if a rush order is needed. Rush fees may apply.

All Cake orders require a 50% Deposit.  Cash and Credit Cards are accepted. All sales are final, In-Store Credit only, No Refunds.

Thank you!

​​​​​​Call:  770-322-7450

​​​​​                                                                                           PRICE LIST   

Sheet Cakes                                      Serving                                               Price     

Quarter Sheet                                                          12-16                                                                       $30

Half Sheet                                                                 24-32                                                                      $40

Full Sheet                                                                 48-64                                                                      $80                                                


Cake Flavors:   Golden Velvet, Butter Crème Dream, Lemon / Vanilla,  Yellow,  Strawberry, & Chocolate 

Icings:   Snow-White Butter Cream, *Cream Cheese,  *Chocolate Butter Cream,& *Rolled Fondant

*Price Increase:  Based on design, icings, or gourmet flavors.

                                 The base price cakes are decorated with flowers or balloons.

                                                                        Custom Design Cakes   

2–D Cut-Out Cartoon Characters, Numbers, & Shapes, 3-D Standing Upright, & Wedding Cakes

are priced based on the number of servings, flavor and design.

3-D Cakes:   Start @ $10.00 per/servings

2-D Cakes:            12 Servings         28 Servings                  42  Servings                56 Servings

            Start @                            $60                       $90                                   $120                            $140

Wedding Cakes

Butter Cream Icing  - Start @ $3.50 p/servings;  

Rolled Fondant - Start @ $6.00 p/servings

 Cup Cakes & Pull-A-Part Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes are sold in increments in 24 (one flavor).  The price starts at $1.75 per cup cake.  

The price increases based on flavor and design.


 Gourmet Cakes

 16 Servings

3 Layers Round $35.00

Red Velvet Cake/ Cream Cheese Icing

 Yellow Cake / Chocolate Icing

Golden Velvet Cake /White Butter Cream Icing

 Butter Cream Dream Cake/ White Butter Cream Icing


 3 Layers Round $40.00

Red Velvet Cake/ Cream Cheese Icing  / Nuts

Yellow Cake/ Caramel Icing

Double Fudge Cake

Key Lime Cake/ Cream Cheese Icing

Coconut Cake

3 Layers Round $45.00

German Chocolate Cake